University laboratories play a central role in supporting faculty and student research. The laboratories of the university are full of all the required resources & modern equipment.

Computer Lab

Computer Labs enable students to get training in computer applications. Therefore, once students become graduates, they can use the skills they learned for the betterment of their career. This lab also helps students to practice their programming knowledge. Different training programs related to computer science held in these labs.

Physics & Chemistry Lab

The Physics & Chemistry Laboratory is equipped with modern instruments for carrying out everyday physics & chemistry experiments.

Networking Lab

This lab is equipped with high performance servers, work stations, switches, routers, networking kits, radio equipment for short distance indoor and outdoor wireless networks and other supporting instruments.

Machine Lab

University provides machine lab facilities for all students. Students also get guidelines from skilled individuals if they need any help while working in this lab.

Circuit & Electronic Lab

This laboratory is equipped with various types of resistors, variable rheostat, inductor bank, capacitor bank, dc and ac power supplies,switches, lamp boards, ammeters, voltmeters, analog and digital wattmeters,oscilloscopes etc. In the laboratory classes, students are taught how to build electrical circuits, safety rules of electrical circuits, installation of common household appliances.


ICT Lab plays a vital role in the teaching and learning process for students and teachers respectively.

Software Application Development Lab

Students get training to develop software applications in Software Application Development Lab. They can access the lab whenever needed.

Microprocessor Lab

The Microprocessor & Microcontroller Laboratory has various interfacing equipment to facilitate the experiments exhibiting computer control over industrial processes.


The lab is equipped with high end sophisticated IoT devices, Kits, smart equipment, robotics arm, wind turbines, supercapacitor bank, vertical axis wind turbine, solar cells, 3D printer, Data Acquisition, sensors and other smart instruments and devices along with original simulation & device software like Labview, Matlab, Simulink and so on.

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