For admission into undergraduate program in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), the students must meet all of the following conditions (Compliance with UGC):

Must have science background with PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Math) and minimum GPA 2.50 in both S.S.C and H.S.C level; or must have minimum 5 subjects including PCM in O-level and 2 subjects in A-level among them minimum grade of B in at least 4 subjects and minimum grade of C in at least other 3 subjects from science group.
Must appear in the admission test and become qualified for admission.
Must have a minimum score in English in the admission test.
Candidates who have finished school in abroad have to submit verified/attested copies of previous academic documents from their institute/Foreign Ministry & Equivalence Certificate from Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Board, Dhaka.

Celebrating Diversity

CUB promotes diversity by encouraging international students from all over the world to apply to and pursue their higher education at our University. At present CUB has students from 8 different countries. Starting from attending classes to participating in events – they do everything together. The teachers deliver lectures in easy English which makes it easier for every student to understand. Even if you are not good in English you will be able to catch it in less than a month like everyone else.

The Canadian University of Bangladesh is committed to inclusive excellence at all levels of the organization, which is why we aim to foster a welcoming environment that values diversity. We strongly believe that diversity has a positive impact on all students and contributes to a more healthy, sustainable and inclusive learning environment. Thereby, we highly encourage international students from across the world to choose CUB as their study destination.

‘‘As international students we are provided with tremendous services and a good number of incentives such as result-based scholarship. To add on that, CUB is great place to exhibit your innate talent.’’

Nimo Mohamed Abdi
Undergraduate Student
Department of CSE

Admission open for CSE in Canadaian University Of Bangladesh Inspiring Applied Knowledge.