Program Objectives

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) program inspires and empowers skill development, leadership development and dissemination of knowledge to make the students technically sound to practice in the related professional area. The curriculum heavily emphasizes the development of analytical skills, acquisition of knowledge and a good understanding of the languages,tools and emerging computer systems. Here, students will not only be able to possess theoretical knowledge but also real life practical skills on CSE, which will help them, establish good careers in the industry. It will help them to design, implement and evaluate computer based systems. Finally, this curriculum will prepare them for not only professional employment but also for advanced education and research to find out the innovations for the future including entrepreneurships.

Program Missions

Providing excellent and upmost educational support though an interactive environment, which prepares students well for their careers in industry, academia and government.

Strengthening the fundamental principles in CSE and improving the cutting-edge skills through Tutorial Based Education (TBE).

Enhancing Industrial Training program to get acquainted with corporate culture as well as to gather practical skills before graduating.

Arranging regular workshops, seminars, programming contests, and etc. to create successful, competent and skillful graduates.

Grooming the students to be able to solve complex problems, gain leadership and other interpersonal skills that will help them apply their knowledge in multidisciplinary areas.

Program Vissions

To become a prominent department of Computer Science and Engineering in the world producing strong research and teaching environment that responds to the challenges of 21st century.

To be recognized universally as one of the leading promoters of the next generation computing field.

To produce competent graduates eligible to work in the top ranked global companies, or pursue higher studies in top tanked universities.