The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) currently offers the following undergraduate degree programs:


Academic Advising

The following Advising policies are applied to all undergraduate students under the Department of CSE at CUB.

Course Registration
Within the due date and before the commencement of each term, a student has to fill up a course registration form in consultation with and under the guidance of his/her advisor. The date, time and venue of registration are announced in advance by the Registrar's Office. Much counseling and advising are accomplished at this time. It is absolutely essential that all the students be present for registration at the specified time. Late registration is, however, permitted during the first week on payment of a late registration fee.

Limits on the Credit Hours to be taken
A student must be enrolled for at least a minimum of 9 credit hours and the allocated credit hours offered for that term and a maximum of 18 credit hours. A student must enroll for the sessional courses prescribed in a particular term within the allowable credit hour limits. In special cases where it is not possible to allot the minimum required 9 credit hours to a student, he/she may be approved for a lesser number of credit hours to suit individual requirements. Under no circumstances a student will be allowed to take more than the maximum limits as a regular course load.

Course Add/Drop
A student has some limited options to add or delete courses from the registration list. Addition of courses is allowed only within the first week of a term. Dropping a course is permitted within the first two weeks of a term.

Withdrawal from a Term
If a student is unable to complete the mid-term or final examination due to serious illness or serious accident, he/she may apply to the chairman of the department for total withdrawal from the term within a week after the end of the respective examination. However, he/she may choose not to withdraw any laboratory/ sessional/ design course if the grade obtained in such a course is `D' or better. The application must be supported by a medical certificate from the chief or authorized medical officer of the university. The Academic Council will take the final decision about such applications.

Course Retaking
If a student receives a failing grade in a course, he /she will be able to repeat that course. The grade earned on the retake will be shown in the transcript along with the "F" grade earned in the first time the course was taken. For the CSE program, the grade earned on the course repeated will replace the "F" in computing CGPA. A CSE student can also retake a course if he/she obtain a grade below "C+ in a particular course. In that case, the grade earned in the course repeated will be substituted for the previous grade in computing CGPA. However, the previous grade will also be shown in the transcript. A student is allowed to have a maximum of four "F grades. A course can be retaken only once.


To obtain the degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering (abbreviated as B. Sc. Engg. in CSE) a student will have to complete at least 150.00 Credit Hours including assigned projects and training and must pass all the required courses, have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.20.